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Internal Audit

The Internal Audit assesses risk of specific areas of a mortgage bank.  The Plan’s scope is a review of each area’s written policies, procedures and controls, and validation that management/employees are adhering to them.  FNMA (Fannie Mae) approved Mortgage Bankers are required to have an internal audit program.

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Performance Review

The Performance Review examines a mortgage banks financial and operational performance to help identify opportunities to increase revenues and decrease expenses.  

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Risk Assessment

The Mortgage Banker Risk Assessment (MBRA) is a comprehensive examination and operational review of a mortgage bank on behalf of a warehouse lender. 

mortgage companies we serve

by model

  • Traditional Branch Retail
  • Consumer Direct Business
  • Broker TPO
  • Correspondent
  • Reverse Mortgage Business Model
  • Mortgage Banks that Service Loans

by size

  • Small Mortgage Bank — $50M or less per month
  • Mid Size Mortgage Bank – $50M to $200M per month
  • Large Mortgage Bank – Over $200M to $1B per month
  • Ultra Large Mortgage Banker – Over $1B per month


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